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3 Ideas To Help You Craft The Perfect Name for Your Supplement Brand

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Are you struggling to come up with a good name for your supplement brand?

For most people this is one of the most challenging and vitally important decisions when you first start your brand, so you want to choose carefully.

Let’s dive into the 3 tried and tested ways you can come up with a name for your supplement brand that will be sure to “wow” your customers:

#1 – Have a deep understanding of your target audience

Before you even think about names for your supplement brand consider these questions:

What is the biggest challenge my customer is facing?

What has held back my customer from relieving his/her pain?

Why is my product effective in helping my customer?

Let’s take for example someone that owns a supplement brand in the Nootropics space and apply the 3 questions from above...

What is the biggest challenge my customer is facing?

My customers biggest challenge is not being able to focus throughout the day due to things like stress, lack of clarity in their life, too much pressure and overwhelm.

What has held back my customer from relieving his/her pain?

My customer desperately wants to find a solution to his/her pain but can’t because life is too busy with trying to balance work, family, personal time, etc.

Why is my product effective in helping my customer?

My product is effective for my customer because research shows nootropics can help improve memory, alertness, motivation and overall problem solving skills.

Answering these questions is crucial because if you don’t understand your customers needs, your business name is not going to resonate with them.

#2 – Determine How You Can Emotionally Connect With Your Customer

So how do you connect with your customers more effectively? The best way is through storytelling.

"People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it." -Simon Sinek

The best way to ultimately connect with your audience is to share your WHY with them. The number one reason you want to tell your story is to connect your audience to you directly as opposed to your products. That’s important but should be secondary. If they know, like and trust you they’ll be a lifelong customer.

If you are struggling to find your why the video below by Simon Sinek is a great starting point. I strongly recommend watching it.

#3 – Bring It All Together

So now that you understand your target audience and have determined your, the last step is to start listing out ideas you have on paper. I recommend starting with at least 20 and then you can narrow it down from there. You can ask friends, family, coworkers etc. what they think about your name.

Heres are 5 different ideas to jumpstart the process of creating the perfect name for your supplement brand:

#1 – Remove a Letter or Misspell On Purpose

Let’s say you start a juicing company called Blender. You could drop the second “e” to make Blendr. Doing this makes people stop and take a look at your name because it’s unique.

#2 – Use an Acronym

Here you can use the first letter of a word or variation of letters to create your supplement brandname. For example, IBM (International Business Machines), MP (Muscle Pharm), and EAS (Experiment & Applied Sciences).

#3 – Try Shopify’s Business Name Generator

This free tool from Shopify helps you combine your topic and keyword to come up with a name for your supplement brand. Just click the image above or go here to try it out.

#4 – Use Your Own Name

A lot of successful brands have used either their own name or name of a relative when naming their companies. One of them is Mercedes Benz. It was named after the daughter of one of the founders.

#5 – Try Using Domainr

Domainr is a great tool to help you create your supplement brand name. Especially if you’re looking to come up with a domain name at the same time. It searches and tracks over 1,700 top-tier domains and over 1,300 generic TLDs.

Just click the image above to try it out or go here.


After you get a really solid understanding of your audience, determine how to emotionally connect with them and use the tools in the 3rd section you’ll be well on your way to crafting your own supplement brand name!

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