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How To Dropship Supplements Without Paying For Inventory

Launching your own Supplement brand used to be a total nightmare.

You'd have to do everything from finding a reliable Supplement manufacturer, creating your own logo/labels, paying enormous amounts of upfront capital for inventory and figuring out logistics.

Fortunately, Rocktomic has created a solution that solves all those problems.

Who Is Rocktomic?

Rocktomic is a US based, FDA Registered & cGMP Certified Nutritional Supplement Manufacturer with over a decade of experience in the Supplement industry.

We have over 150+ Private Label Supplements available to brand as your own. To view our catalog click here.

So Why Dropship Supplements?

After talking with thousands of entrepreneurs over the years we realized there had to be a better solution for people who didn't want to invest tens of thousands of dollars into custom supplement orders.

So we created and trademarked something called PLDS™ or Private Label Drop Shipping.

This allows entrepreneurs to launch Supplement brands for as little as $59/mo instead of paying 20K or more just to get started.

You won't have to pay minimums products up front. The only time you'll pay for your products is when you sell them.

This model of drop shipping supplements allows you to focus on the things in your business that really matters like branding, marketing, building your audience and selling your products.

How Does It Work?

Our 7 Step Supplement Brand Launch Guide

To make the launch process as quick and easy as possible we created this Step by Step process:

With the creation of our 7 Step Guide we've been able to get people up and selling their products in as little as two weeks.

This includes creating your logo/labels, selecting your products and everything else necessary to get you launch ready. If you choose to create your own logo/labels it can be even sooner to launch.


If you are looking to launch your own dropship supplement brand then Rocktomic is your solution.

We've helped over 1,400+ entrepreneurs launch their own brands for as little as $59/mo. If you're interested in a free consultation click here or head over to www.rocktomic.com for more details.

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